Washington Post (October 22, 2011)
“In Mount Vernon, incumbent Daniel G. Storck gets our endorsement over challenger Michele Nellenbach. On the board since 2004, Mr. Storck has a reputation as a careful listener with a businessman’s appreciation for data. He’s also not afraid to do battle for things he believes in, as evidenced by his fight to restore summer school. He would provide important continuity. Ms. Nellenbach’s campaign seems to be steeped more in slogans like “put your children first” than any real substance”

Fairfax Education Association: “A man of great integrity and leadership,
our highly recommended choice.”

Fairfax County Federation of Teachers: “Dan’s proactive leadership has
made a crucial difference for our teachers and our students.”

Fairfax Zero Tolerance Reform (FZTR):  “FZTR’s endorsement of Storck acknowledges his long voting record in favor of important topics related to discipline reforms.  The group cited Mr. Storck’s support of sustained, ongoing change in policy and of encouraging more meaningful engagement between FCPS leadership and community activists.  . . . .Caroline Hemenway, FZTR co-founder, said ‘Dan’s quiet, behind-the-scenes work over the years has received little public recognition but we know how much it has mattered to our children.’”

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