Dear Friends,

thank-you-mt-vernonIt has been a wonderful, high energy, very successful beginning to my term as your new Mount Vernon District Supervisor!  Thank you for the opportunity to represent you and our District. During the past 9 months, I have built a new Mount Vernon District team (below) and we have been working hard to successfully respond to your over 5,000 communications within two business days, organizing over 100 and attending more than 250 meetings and seeing over 3,000 of you at those meetings.


We have accomplished a lot together and here are a few of those results:

  • Increased frequency and modes of communications through an open house, evening/Saturday offi­ce hours, newsletters, e-blasts, Facebook, community events, annual town hall meeting, etc.
  • Fully funded Mount Vernon schools with the first real per student increase in ten years.
  • Increased police transparency, community connections and a Diversion First program for mentally handicapped residents.
  • Leading efforts for the development of the Original Mount Vernon High School Reuse Project, “Embark“ for revitalizing Richmond Highway, the North Hill Rezoning Plan, Airplane Noise reduction, the Adaptive Reuse of the former Lorton Prison, and more.

I am committed to addressing your concerns and working proactively with you to deliver future Richmond Highway improvements, educational opportunities, increased business and job growth, greater environmental improvements, community connectedness, partnerships and more. Your continued support and enthusiasm are essential to this progress.

It is very expensive to run a campaign and my campaign last fall was a costly one, leaving a deficit to overcome, while also raising funds for increasing communications and connections for reelection.   Your contributions to this effort are essential to my success!

I appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you,



Daniel G. Storck